Andreas Stitch To The Extreme

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Andreas Stitch To The Extreme

All links in this post are "NOT Safe for Work". All Links Are To Adult Sites

In these exreme teaser clips (adult site), you can see that Andreas Stitch is just your average German County Boy with an arm sticking out of his ****. Who would have guessed by looking at Andreas what he was into? And, who would have guessed that something so small could be stretched that wide?

Well, Andreas is definitely Versatile, in the same way I guess that Thom Barron is versatile. In addition to passive "Hardballer", Andreas tops and bottoms and he is just all around Hot German Manass.

Andreas Stitich (also Andreas Stich) first came to our attention via photos of him from the Bruce LaBruce/Cazzo callaboration film Raspberry Reich ( Andreas is in a number of other Cazzo films like "Pur" and "Sex Pistons" that you can see teaser clips from by clicking on the advertising abvove (adult site). However, the "hardballer video" that Andreas appears in (and that the teaser video is from) is from a website affiliated with Raging Stallion (adult site).

Raging Stallion/Pistol Media distributes Cazzo Film vidoes in the US.

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