Andreas Willson is not Messiah Hot

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Andreas Willson is not Messiah Hot

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Andreas Willson
Andreas Willson is getting a lot of attention in the US because of his performance in the Swedish movie Ondskan (Evil). The movie Ondskan is about a guy, who grew up with an abusive father, trying to learn to deal with and manage his anger. Andreas Willson's character gets kicked out of a lot of schools for being difficult and for fighting and he ends up in an all boys academy. There is this alleged homo subtext in the movie between Andreas' character and his rival/tormentor at the academy. Andreas is on the swimming team at the school, so there are a lot of scenes in the movie of Andreas in a speedo.

Frankly, speedo don't cut it in my gay sauna. I need to see a hole lot more than speedo before I can commit to any kind of serious negotiations on price and duration. So, I'm sorry Andreas Willson. Butt, until I see some nekkids, I'm gonna have to rule that ...

Andreas Willson is not Messiah Hot

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btw, this guy Andreas Willson has really gotten a big ego with this little bit of fame of his. I called the guy in Sweden and asked him if he wanted to be my baby's daddy ... the guy hung up on me. Who do you think you are Andreas Willson?

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Interview with the Lovely Lovely Andreas Willson