Aretha Franklin Mel Gibson and Sherri Shepard

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Aretha Franklin Mel Gibson and Sherri Shepard

I was walking across 52nd Street in Manhattan tonight. I looked up and immediately recognized Mel Gibson walking hurriedly (coming toward me) with some young guy of unknown celebrity status. A couple of nights ago, there seemed to be some movie filming going on on 52nd Street. However, tonight, I didn’t see anything film related on the street, just Mel.

When I walked around to Rockefella Center, I noticed a crowd of people waiting for Aretha Franklin to come out after her performance tonight. I decided to wait around to see Aretha, this was about 11:00 pm. Miss Franklin didn’t actually make it out until well after midnight.

Aretha did send out two boxes of White Castle Hamburgers to the waiting crowd. My understanding is that Aretha mentioned during her concert that she only noticed two White Castle Hamburger places in Manhattan and that that wasn’t enough.

I was going to leave without see Aretha come out after about a half-hour or so of waiting. However, after eating three of the woman’s hamburgers, I felt committed to waiting for her to come out. Well,

Eventually, Miss Franklin did come out. Aretha in fact stopped on her way to her car and waved to all of the people shouting at her. Miss Franklin noticeably did not speak. I assume not speaking is part of professional singers’ way of conserving their voices. I remember reading that Whitney Houston said her voice was “not all that it could beâ€