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Bitchless (tm) - Gay As Fun

bitchless ™
Maybe it's just me, but looking through HX Magazine and Next Magazine and at a lot of the new wave of gay specific websites/blogs, it sure looks like there is some kind of movement underway to make Gay fun again.

Of course, gay was always fun everywhere except on the East Coast. If you want to see what the Classic Tortured East Coast Faag was like, take a look at Boys In The Band. Frankly, I find it amazing that Classic Ugly Tortured East Coast Faaag now appears to be alive and thriving is San Francisco, of all places.

In My Opnion, there is a concept of Gay that could only result from the fact that there are Professional Faags out there with .orgs that are trying to appeal to Corporations for Donations, and who are trying to collect a toll fee from anyone trying to market products and services to gay people. These Professional Faags don't represent gay people and have no intent to or desire to, their money comes from straight businesses.

Well, Google has effectively destroyed the whole Gay Portal Con (i.e., the con that marketers could only reach gay people through fahked-up boring gay websites and fahked-up White-washed gay magazines.

Look, there is no Professional Faag Group in America that would use a term like Bitchless. Because, the Professional Faags want to continue to perpetrate the myth that Gay Men and Gay Woman have the same interests. The assumption from the use of GLBT is that all of these people have the same interests and objectives, when nothing could be further from the truth. If people were united by what they fahked, wouldn't the world be united right now? Aren't most people heterosexual?


Free Range Sadomites

Lord, chiile ... have I got a story for your aass.

Back, Way Back, back years and years ago when there was actually White Mens in New York City fahking White Women, there was this cartel. A cartel jus like the Diamond Cartel and the Oil Cartel and the Straight White Diick Cartel.

This Cartel, the Gay Cartel, built hundreds and hundreds of little tiny toll roads to the homes of faags all over American. And, the only way any company could git to the homes of any mens with Co*k on their breath was to pay the Gay Cartel a toll fee to use their little tiny toll roads. No company in America could sell anything to your sadomites, your trouser snake ranglers, or your full time full service presenters without coughing up a fee. Chiile, American Express was soo reamed-out, surgeons is still trying to sew that go-go hole shut.

Then, just when every member of the Gay Cartel was about to go public and finally be able to actually git a taste of some of Geffen's cast-offs, the butt plug just fell out of the internet bubble and then some body invented a way to like embed ads in the text of webpages. Don't you know that by embedding ads in the text of webpages it was then possible to completely by-pass the Gay Cartel. Guuurrl, companies was jumping up and down and just selling sheat to faags at-will, without paying any tolls. If you look out your window right now, what you will see is free range faags, it is only since them contextual ads that co*k suckers is been free range. Anybody, Any nobody can now just sell sheat to any bung hole banger whenever and however they wants, all thanks to them contextual ads.

I don't know how the world will end. But when it do end, gurl faags will be too busy fornicating and companies will be too busy selling sheat to them while they is fornicating for either one of them to even notice.

Peter Everhard
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