Bitchless Vampire Killers

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Bitchless Vampire Killers


Oh, Lordy, Lordy Lordy !!!

You people have no idea what The Bitchless Bloggers did for America.

The Bitchless Bloggers saved the world …

Let me explain.

It was back near Fort Bragg a couple of years ago when this craft landed late one night.

Military Officials were hoping that the craft contained peaceful aliens exploring the galaxy. However, The Military soon learned that the spacecraft contained ..

Hard Up White Beauch Vampires From Space

Not only were these beauches hard up and vampires, they were naked and had Pamela Anderson size breastses. Now,

As you would imagine, under normal circumstances, there were more than enough soldiers at Fort Bragg to stake a little ship of Hard-up White Beauch Vampires. But, naked hard-up White Beauch Vampires with Pamela Anderson size Breastses? Well, to say the least, the average red-blooded American Soldier hesitated before staking a naked hard-up White Beauch with Pamela Anderson size breastses, even though they were vampires. And,

In those few minutes of hesitation, the Hard-up White Beauch Vampires from Space were able to attack and kill all of the soldiers sent out against them.

What the government needed were guys who wouldn’t hesitate to stake a White Beauch, even a naked White Beauch with Pamela Anderson size breastses. Enter The Bitchless Bloggers ...

The Bitchless Bloggers Saved The World From Hard-Up White Beauch Vampires From Space.

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The Hidden is inhabiting human male hosts on earth and the Alien Hunter is close to capturing him