Boinking Andreas Stitch and Tim Vinzent

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Boinking Andreas Stitch and Tim Vinzent

Boinking Berlin Bastards is a new release in the US from Cazzo. Cazzo favorites Andreas Stitch and Tim Vinzent are in this video. Andreas Stitch has a handball scene with Mo in Smoking Pistons. Andreas has another handball film in a Raging Stallion affiliated site CLICK HERE

The ultimate Punk-Trash-Porn Story and the most lavish sex flick ever filmed in Berlin. Dozens of horny performers fuck their way through the most happening locations in the city. Fist fucking on the roofs of Prenzlauer Berg. Punks fleeing dildo-wielding Drag Queens. Bizarre and chaotic orgies in Kreuzberg's sex clubs.
A coin toilet gets gets abused for water sports. Factory ruins, telephone booths, train tracks or a cemetery crypt - nothing is safe from this flipped out horde.
A breathtaking ride through Berlin's unique and unusual Queer Underground.
The brilliant soundtrack by the techno pioneers from AeroX turn this humorously directed 'ode to Berlin' into a highlight.

A must for anyone who loves the Berlin punk and trash scene. And a Cazzo bestseller! Boinking Berlin Bastards

Matchmaker - Cazzo Goes to Spain

with: Fred Faurtin, Tamas Esterhazy, Jack Van Dean a.o.

Summer, sun, holidays. But sometimes even the most perfect backdrop is missing the right guy to make it all come together. Fred and his lover do whatever it takes to ensure that no one leaves without a good fucking. In their villa they makes sure all the hottest men in the village hook up. Naturally Fred doesn’t miss his piece(s) of the action. Together with the gardener, they fuck Demetrius into the ground in a marathon session. Fred picks up a big, hairy sailor for Tamas. But Tamas’ greedy hole needs more. Fred naturally picks up the slack, happy to give him what he needs using every trick in the book. At the end of a long day, the cute young runaway, Elias, also gets his fill of fat cock, taking it up the arse for the first time. Afterwards, it’s time for the two matchmakers to have some fun with each other, and Fred can relax as he finally gets the hard-earned fucking he’s been waiting for. Matchmaker


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