Brad Pitt is Old and Boring

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Brad Pitt is Old and Boring

Towards the end of Interview With The Vampire, Tom Cruise's character hears Brad Pitt's character's voice on a tape recording and Tom quickly turns off the tape and switches to a Rolling Stone's song because of Brad's whinning. I feel the same way when I heard Brad Pitt's voice on the trailer to Benjamin Button, I feel like switching the tv to another station.

Brad Pitt is old and boring

Contrary to popular assumption, Brad Pitt had been around for a very long time. Brad Pitt was in the teen slasher movie Cutting Class, he is actually very attractive and very good in the movie. And, I recall seeing Brad Pitt in the TV Show 21 Jump Street.

When Mike Tyson and Robin Givens divorced, the gossip mags reported that Robin Givens was dating this little known actor named Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has had a good run with The Pretty Boy Thingy but, come on, Brad Pitt is a 40+ Year Old Man and he's doesn't hold up against pretty boys like Zac Effron and Chace Crawford?


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