Burnt Money My Sweet Prince redux

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Burnt Money My Sweet Prince redux

You have to be "intimately" familiar with the movie Burnt Money (aka Plata Quemada) and with the UK alternate rock band Placebo to recognize the genius of the above homemade music video.

There are many many many versions of the song My Sweet Prince by Placebo around, from live concerts Placebo has done. I suspect that the version of My Sweet Prince in the above video may be the "studio" version from Placebo's album, because. I haven't heard that version of "My Sweet Prince" on any of Placebo's live performance videos. LIVE, Brian Molko always "adds" a bit more to the song.

Contrary to what you might assume, "My Sweet Prince" is not a song about gay lovers, even though Brian Molko is frequently wearing a dress when he sings the song. I read that "someone" (possibly a female) attempted to commit suicide and before the person did the act, he/she wrote the phrase "My Sweet Prince, You are the one" on a note to Brian Molko.

The scenes that are used in the video from Burnt Money are also brilliant.

Burnt Money follows two bandits, Nene and Angel, who happen to be gay for each other. At several points in the movie, Nene is shown "smelling" Angel's fingers. This "habit" of Nene's is a result of how Nene and Angel first met when Angel put his hand to Nene's face and took a cigarette Nene was smoking. Nene even describes the smell of Angel's fingers at one point in the movie. I think ALL of the scenes from the movie in which Nene is smelling Angel's fingers are in the above video clip. LIKE I SAID, you have to be intimately familiar with the movie Burnt Money and with Placebo to recognize the brilliance of the above "homemade" music video.


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