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Cazzo F*ck Fiction

F*ck Fiction
Seriously, don't you wonder if these beauches who got so fahking emotional over Brokeback Mountain ever heard of Cazzo? On the one hand you have two silly Hollywood actors simulating gay sex for the White Beauch demographic. And, on the other hand, you have Cazzo ... No fahking contest in my book.

This producer behind some new Gay Movie (something about a Bus) said in HX last week that, because of the sex in the movie, he did not seek Hollywood Actors to be in his movie. Well, I don't think this guy can match or get close to Cazzo. The actors in the theatrical releases of Cazzo films are bonafide Adult Video Stars with an international fan base. If you don't know who Thom Barron is, turn in your condoms and lube and go learn how to eat fat beauch puzzy.

Cazzo is a German Adult Video Company that has partnered with Bruce LaBruce to produce two versions of Cazzo's films; one version for the gay video market and the other version for theatrical release.

F*ck Fiction

An elaborately made, action-filled road movie. With CAZZO stars Thom Barron and Fred Faurtin in the leading roles.

The job should have been easy enough: Max (Thom Barron) is charged with protecting gangster boss Dany's lover. His instructions are clear - “Take him out dancing, but woe is you if you lay a finger on him.â€

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