Cazzo Film and The Event Gay Video

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Cazzo Film and The Event Gay Video

Conde Nast's Portfolio has an article titled Obsence Losses about the drop in DVD sales in the Adult Entertainment Industry. The article deals with straight videos and Vivid Entertainment.

Vivid Entertainment's answer to slumping DVD sales is to more or less follow mainstream Hollywood's marketing strategy and pursue what is referred to as The Event Movie. The Event Movie is a high concept movie, like Independence Day, with big stars, big special effects and a plot "white bread" enough to excite as many movie go-ers as possible.

Instead of "The Event Gay Movie", I guess it can be argued that Gay Adult Video Companies may be more interested in VOD (video on demand) to offset the drop in DVD sales. However,

It may just be that Cazzo Film was ahead of the game when it partnered with Bruce LaBruce to produce Theatrical and Hardcore versions of Cazzo videos.

There are theatrical and hardcore versions of two Bruce LaBruce / Cazzo Film collaborations that I know of, Skin Gang and Raspberry Reich (aka "The Revolution is My Boyfriend"). However, the Cazzo video that I think works best as a mainstream film is Locked Up / EINGELOCHT

The DVD Locked Up is the theatrical version of "Eingelocht - the Hole" on Bitchless TV. Eingelocht has hardcore gay sex scenes while Locked-up could be released as a mainstream movie rated "R" or "NC-17". I was a little disappointed at first with Locked-Up because I wanted to see Marcel Schlutt in more sex scenes. However, Locked-up ends up being more entertaining as a movie because there is more plot and character development and because there are very extensive interviews with Marcel Schultt and the other actor about the making of the movie. Obviously, I think you need to have both Locked-up and Eigenlocht.

Locked Up is about a Young German Guy sent to prison for the relatively minor offense of "credit card fraud". Once in prison, the guy becomes attracted to a Black Prisoner in jail for murder. CLICK HERE for our previous discussion about Locked-up also has
Locked Up and Raspberry Reich .