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Cazzo Film Dangerous Island Gallery

Before Tarantino presented Hostel, Cazzo presented Dangerous Island (adult site).

The Scenes in Dangerous Island are good Classic Cazzo scenes. However, Cazzo "kills" the lovely lovely Florian Mann in this vid. Florian is one of my favorite Cazzo Models. I actually emailed Cazzo some years back and told them how much I liked Florian. Someone emailed me back and said: "We like Florian too". Well, why did you kill him, if you liked him?

Dangerous Island is about an island popular with tourists. The tourists are lured and/or abducted to this weird house owned my a mysterious man in a wheelchair.

One of the all time best scenes Florian has in in this vid.

I am not a fan of the whole "sex and violence" thing. So, I mainly look over a lot of the "extreme" stuff in Cazzo vids and just concentrate on the models and "the action".

Florian plays a hustler/crook who hooks up with a tourist to steal from the tourist. However, both Florian and the tourist end up at the home of the psycho in the wheelchair who is having sex with, torturing and killing tourists. Yada, Yada, Yada ... the psychos run down the lovely lovely Florian with a truck while he is running away from them on a highway. The Head Psycho in the wheelchair also "comes to a bad end".

I recently saw an X- Files in which the Bad Guy wheels The Smoking Man in a wheelchair to a flight of stairs and pushes The Wheelchair with The Smoking Man in it down the stairs. This is a re-creation of a very very famous scene in a movie (I think it might have been Richard Whitmark who played the killer).

Anywho, what is very very famous out the scene was that the original scene of a Crook pushing a woman in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs was credited as being THE SCENE that so outraged people that it lead to a "STANDARDs AND PRACTICES BOARD" for movies that controlled just how far movies could go.