Charlie Hofheimer in Father's Day

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Charlie Hofheimer in Father's Day

Charlie Hofheimer
Charlie Hofheimer is so beautiful in the movie Father's Day (starring Robin Williams and Billy Crystal), he doesn't even look human. In fact, I would say that "the way Charlie Hofheimer looks" in Father's Day adds "a tone" to certain scenes in Father's Days between Hofheimer, Williams and Crystal that can't be described as "desirable".

Some many years ago when I lived on Long Island, I had Showtime for a couple of months and I saw a lot of movies that I probably would never have otherwise seen. Two of the movies that I saw were French movies starring Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard as polar-opposite characters, i.e., La Chevre and Les Comperes. Les Comperes is the french movie that Father's Day is based on.

The other movie had that Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard starred in as polar-opposite characters, La Chevre. was remade into an American movie called Pure Luck. Pure Luck starred Danny Glover and Martin Short. In La Chevre, in order to find an accident prone woman, detective Gerard Depardieu gets the accident prone Pierre Richard's help.

As beautiful as Charlie Hofheimer looks in Father's Day, it wasn't/isn't enough to get me to actually watch Father's Day "all the way through" when it was on tv last night. If you want to see this story in a movie, rent Les Comperes.

Basically, two guys who are the complete opposites of each other think they are the father of a kid who runs away from home, because they both dated the kid's mother 17 years ago. The kid actually has a father but, the mother can't get the real father to go look for the son when he runs away, so, she tells her two old ex-boyfriends that they could be the kid's father.

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal are so annoyingly bad in Father's Day, you have to wonder if either Robin Williams or Billy Crystal had the nerve to set foot in France after making Father's Day.