Countdown is Thom Barron Calling

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Countdown is Thom Barron Calling

Franko Potente
"Franco Potente is running through Berlin. He has only two hours to fuck Thom Barron. But in the sluttiest city in the world, new sex adventures are waiting around every corner! Masturbating hotdog vendors, razor-sharp hairdos, fucking cellar punks, turned on gallery visitors, and a strip bar teeming with sex-crazed black men keeps him from reaching his goal.

First, he falls into the trap of a sex psychopath, then he runs into a group of nasty skinheads. Every minute he is experiencing one Berlin sex revelation after the other. At the end, he is even run over by a taxi on his way to the toilet. When he finally meets up with his dream man Thom, his time is already up - but what happens then is a dream come true anyway!"

We mentioned before that the Cazzo Film Thom Barron Calling "came out' at a time which apparently was between the time that Allworldsvideo was Cazzo's US Distributor and Raging Stallion became Cazzo US Distributor. Tlavideo lists the video Thom Barron Calling under the name Countdown and Tlavideo lists the Studios as Cazzo and Centaur Films

Even though Cazzo model Franko Potente appears prominently in the video Thom Barron Calling, one reviewer claims that Franko doesn't have any sex scenes in the video.

Franko has a couple of "bang up" sex scenes in the Cazzo video "Fresh Flesh".

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