D'Geyrald ready for his Close-up & MTVN Logo

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D'Geyrald ready for his Close-up & MTVN Logo

According to GayClic (adult site), D'Geyarald is participating in a Student Calendar Project.

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D'Geyrald, if ever there was a property that MTV Networks' Logo SHOULD have locked up from the git go. I haven't seen Noah's Arc but, the guys on Noah's Arc are not at the top of my list of guys I want to see naked. I'm sure Noah's Arc will go over big in Germany though.

I often wonder HOW it came to be that that one guy seems to be The Black Gay Guy is EVERY fahking gay movie or tv series that has been made in the last two years or so. I'm thinking maybe not a lot of other Black Guys competed for those roles. Let's see .. right off the bat I can think of Circuit - the movie, Another Gay Movie and Noah's Arc.

Nemesis looks great and they sound great but, those guys should not be on a reality show talking. Soon as Nemesis open their mouths they change from hot talented singers to a couple of old women bitching back and forth. Nemesis are guys who SHOULD "just shut up and Sing".

I've only heard one Song from D'Geyrald, I'm Your Man. "I'm Your Man" is more than adequate. "I'm Your Man" coupled with the way D'Geyrald looks is a killer combination. We all know that Looks today has a whole lot to do with whether an artist breaks through to mass. There are a lot of talented people in world, a lot of people in the world far more talented than Madonna.

In fact, my position is that Madonna's game plan was/is to APE everything that Grace Jones did. Why do you suppose that Madonna can make millions Aping Grace Jones and Grace Jones can't / couldn't make millions being Grace Jones?

One of my "back-burner projects" is to do a photo book showing how everything that Madonna has ever done was done first by Grace Jones. Grace Jones did an infamous nude layout with Dolf Lundgren that looks very much like it was the idea that Madonna copied via her "Sex Book".

I'm biased though, I hate Madonna. Since I sat behind Madonna (and her idiot dancers) at The Gaiety Theater, I have not been able to stand anything Madonna does or says.

MTVN Logo has a new programming chief. If that guy has any sense whatsoever, he will ( a ) get rid of whoever the fahk is posting that stupid shit on Logo's NewNowNext Blog; and ( b ) Produce a show on Logo around D'Geyrald.