Edward Fox in Cazzo's Roboter

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Edward Fox in Cazzo's Roboter

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Apparently, the new Cazzo Film movie Roboter is not yet "technically" available in the US. I didn't see the DVD at tlagay.com and, I don't see the film on BitchlessTV. However, there are clips / scenes from the movie on Cazzo's website and there are teaser videos from the movie on some of the "tube" sites.

What's got my interest in the movie is that the description of the movie I read on Cazzo's website does not explain what is going on in the movie. It looks like the movie is about aliens who kidnap guys and have sex with them from the beginning scene of the movie.

At the beginning of the movie, Max Schulter is sitting by the lake day dreaming (in one of those rare moments when there isn't a dick in him). Along comes these two guys (Edward Fox and Bruno) dressed like Cazzo's Classic Image of German Skin Heads, i.e., bleached jeans, suspenders and no shirts.

Edward Fox and Bruno abduct Max and when they get Max back to their van, Edward points some kind of ray gun at Max to immobilize Max. Of course, once they get Max back to their "lair", sex ensues.

After Edward and Bruno are done with Max, they stick him in a portable toilet. And, there seems to be several other guys who have been placed in portal toilets for sexual purposes. These portal toilets are being hauled around on the back of a truck.

None of this highly unusual stuff is explained, neither in the movie nor, apparently, on Cazzo's website.

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