Enamora's Nearly Nekkid German Models

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Enamora's Nearly Nekkid German Models

Model for German apparel shop Enamora
When I was very young, I over heard my grandmother and her sisters talking about this new clothing store they had just discovered... To my young ears, it sounded like they were talking about a store owned by a woman named Nelly Nu, The Nelly Nu Store. Well, It turned out the name of the store was actually The Nearly New Store. It was a store selling second-hand clothing that was, like, "nelly nu", umm, I mean, nearly new.

Enamora is apparently an online underwear store out of Germany. I was hoping maybe it was A Way to Order German Manass Via The Web. I would so have had a couple of Enamora's models Fed Ex-ed to me.

Just when you think you've seen the most stunning man you've ever seen in your life, you go to another page at Enamora and there are more guys just as stunning.

Spotlight This

The Enamora website has this feature where you can click on this enlarge icon and enlarge any point on a picture that bears the icon. For example, if by chance you wanted to enlarge the crotch of one of Enamora's hot German models, APPARENTLY, it is possible to do so.

I guess it is a sign of just how old I've become that I seem to be more interested in enlarging their beautiful FACEs.

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