Envy Man does Andreas Wilson

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Envy Man does Andreas Wilson

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Envy Man
I saw Envy Man on the self in a magazine store in Chlesea. The magazine is a big thick thing, like Vogue. When I first heard about the magazine, I just assumed it would be HX Magazine/Next Magazine size.

The current issue of Envy Man has an article about Andreas Wilson, star of the Swedish Movie Evil. Andreas Wilson looks like an older stocky-er Leo DiCaprio, very hot. Unfortunately, while Andreas paraded around in skippy speedos in the movie Evil, he didn't get nekkid. I don't know, I just find it hard to respect a man I haven't seen nekkid.

about Envy Man

The referenced press release is dated September 23, 2005. However, I read on a magazine database website that Envy Man's first publication was actually December 1, 2005

Gay fashion outlet 'Envy Man' targets affluent older men

Darren Cooper, co-publisher and features editor, said the independently owned magazine is different from similar publications in both its content and target demographic.

"We want to appeal to the higher-end gay male," he said, adding that the target age group is 18 to 55, considerably older than that of other men's fashion magazines. http://www.tempcity.com/bitchless/index.php?showtopic=1175

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