Hakan Dan Alive and Rappin

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Hakan Dan Alive and Rappin

Hakan Dan / Hakan Joel / Hakan Serbes
I don't fucking believe this!

I just ran across what looks like Hakan Dan's myspace page. It looks like Hakanis not only alive and well but, he's a rapper now.

The straight video American Tushy! is all about Hakan. The video follows Hakan coming to America and doing some porn for Seymore Butts. The scene of Hakan standing on the sidewalk at the Airport smiling is CLASSIC; Hakan smiling is itself a certain kind of porn. There is an American Tushy! 2 but, the second video only has one scene featuring Hakan. Tushy 1 is all about Hakan, with CLASSIC unforgettable images of Hakan's beautiful face.

Hakan Joel
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Hakan Dan Man to Man

Technically, Hakan never did any "man on man" stuff. However, there are at least two videos in which Hakan and another Guy are both "doing" the same girl and there is "contact" between Hakan and the other guy. One such film is, as I recall, Voyeur 6. In Voyeur 6, Hakan and a Straight Porn Guy who did a gay video under the name Tadd Harris are both being "blown" by a female. There are multiple instances in which Tadd and Hakan are "rubbing against each other". And, I seriously doubt that this "situation" was accidental. Both Tadd and Hakan are very attractive "Pretty Boys" by Straight Porn Standards, the producer of the movie HAD to have been deliberately going for the "Accidental" contact between Hakan's Penis and Tadd's Penis in the female's mouth.

It looks like Hakan is billed as Leonardo in Voyeur 6. Hakan did some photography work under the name Leonardo Hill for some kind of book of photos. Tadd Harris' straight porn name may be Mark Davis.

I also recognized the video Dirty Tricks 2 (scene 1) as an Hakan video. Again, Hakan is billed as Leonardo. I guess in "John Leslie Productions", Hakan was Leonardo.

There clip below is Tadd Harris (I can never remember his straight porn name) from the gay video Morning Ritual. Tadd actually looked the most attractive he has looked in any of his videos in Morning Ritual.

Tad Harris
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Hakan Dan was probably responsible for getting more Gay Men to watch straight porn than any other Straight Porn star except for maybe Marc Wallace. Back-in-the-day, it was claimed that producers of Straight Porn deliberately selected unattractive guys to be in straight porn because: ( a ) they didn't want to make the straight guys watching porn Uncomfortable by presenting an attractive nude guy; and ( b ) they wanted all of the attention to be on the girl. THE TWO GREATEST EXCEPTIONS to the ugly guys in straight porn rule "back in the day" were Hakan Dan and Marc Wallace.

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