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Hardcore Raspberry Riech

Raspberry Reich (at amazon.com)
the press photo for Raspberry Reich that we first saw showed Daniel Fettig on a bed wearing a tshirt with no pants and, it looked like he was giving a b/j to a big black gun

Cazzo Film has a hardcore version of Raspberry Reich up on their website. Since Cazzo is partnered with sureflix, it may be possible to see the hardcore version of Raspberry Reich by CLICKING HERE for Cazzo Film on Bitchless TV. However, there don't appear to be any direct links to the film and there seems to be a lot of room for confusion between the theatrical version and the hardcore version of Raspberry Reich. Even the Raspberry Reich at Radvideo appears to be the theatrical version (by Strand Releasing)

Raspberry Reich, the theatrical version, came out some time ago. We did a review of the theatrical version in 2004 on our Drama NYC board CLICK HERE.

I just saw advertisement for the hardcore version of Raspberry Reich go up on Cazzo Film's website recently. The Hardcore Version appears to be titled simply The Revolution Is My Boyfriend. "The Revolution is My Boyfriend" was/is the subtitle to the theatrical version of Raspberry Reich (I think).

It will probably be possible to tell the two versions apart by whether or not there is nudity on the cover of the DVD. Meaning, the theatrical version of the film will probably not have nudity on the cover of the DVD.

The most exciting thing about Raspberry Reich for us was that the movie had a lot of Cazzo guys in it that we had never seen before. Since 2004 however, some of the "new" guys in Raspberry Reich have appeared in subsequent Cazzo Films.

For example, the guy in this picture below is Andreas Stich. Andreas Stich is his "porn name". He appears to be billed under another name in the credits to Raspberry Reich.

I think this is "Daniel Fettig" and Vinzent in the picture below although, Vinzent is billed as Daniel Bätscher in Raspberry Reich. Both guys have appeared in a number of Cazzo Films before and after Raspberry Reich. Vinzent looks "less severe" than he usually does (with a shaved head) in Cazzo Films. While Daniel looks a lot "harder" than he usually does.

The picture below is Daniel as he looked around the time "Sex for Sale" was made. Daniel bottomed only once that I know of, for Florian Mann in "Sex for Sale".

And, this is the infamous shot (censored) of pantsless Daniel on a bed giving a gun a b/j and, the dvd cover to the hardcore/extended version of Raspberry Reich.


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