Hugh Panaro Bites into Lestat

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Hugh Panaro Bites into Lestat

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Hugh Panaro
watch out, he bites!

To answer the question of whether or not Lestat on Broadway will be any good, I say: "Can you think of anything that Elton John has failed at?"

Composing Broadway plays has to be a little side-hobby for Elton John, but, I read somewhere that Elton John, not Andrew Lloyd Webber, will probably go down in history as the most succesful composer on Broadway, ever.

I don't know anything about Hugh Panaro, but Panaro is apparently set to star as Lestat on Broadway.

I thought Brad Pitt was a joke in "Interview with a Vampire". And, Tom Cruise's Lestat was a joke compared to Stuart Townsend's Lestat in "Queen of the Damned". According to legend, Anne Rice said she created the character Lestat with Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) in mind.