Jennifer Hudson at Michael Jackson Final Tribute

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Jennifer Hudson at Michael Jackson Final Tribute

The Michael Jackson Final Tribute was amazingly glitch free. The presentation looked like the people had practiced their performances for months. I suppose the "professionalism" we saw in the Michael Jackson Tribute is what one should expect from "seasoned performers'.

Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job with Michael Jackson's Will You Be There. Hudson's "rendition" is "on par" if not "better than" the music video by Jackson.

It is interesting to note that, of all the performers at the Jackson Tribute, Hudson probably had less experience performing in a "concert setting" than the other performers.

Here is one of Michael Jackson's rendition of "Will You Be There"

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Jennifer Hudson at Michael Jackson Final Tribute

You're Gonna Have To Serve Somebody
Bob Dylan wrote the line "You're Gonna Have To Serve Somebody". I honesty have no idea WHAT Dylan was referring to. However, my take on the line is that you've got to learn some self control if there isn't anyone around you to provide you with adult supervision. I think it is rather clear that Michael Jackson never perfected self-control.

A Black Writer commented that All Black People have entertained the idea of trying to be White but, thankfully, most of us either ( a ) Grow out of the fantasy; and / or ( b ) Don't have the financial resources to go about bleaching our bodies white. In addition,

A Drug Addict commented recently in a New York Times Article that he and most of his drug addict friends did not have the means to go on drug binges for weeks on end like a Trust Fund Drug Addict who recently OD-ed.

Does it really need to be said that most people don't have the financial means to enjoy an addiction to a surgical anesthesia?

Marion Paige

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