Leon Russell This Masquerade

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Leon Russell This Masquerade

My understanding is that Leon Russell wrote the song This Masquerade. I remember when George Benson sang the song and made it a hit, I found out that Leon Russell wrote the song and I went out and bought the Leon Russel album that Masquerade was on.

I had no idea that Karen Carpenter and Ella Fitzgerald sang a duet of This Masquerade. In fact, I had no idea that Karen Carpenter and Ella Fitzgerald were even alive when This Masquerade was written, let alone that they were alive to sing a duet of the song.

In 1972, his album Carney reached #2 on the charts, fueled by the hit single "Tight Rope". In addition, the LP contained a tune called "This Masquerade" that the Carpenters also recorded, and years later, would win a Grammy for George Benson. Leon performed at the Thanksgiving Jam at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX in 1972 with Doug Sahm, Jerry Garcia,Mary Egan, Hank Alrich, Phil Lesh, Benny Thurman, Jerry Barnet, and others.wikipedia

I was definitely alive in 1972, and I thought I knew all of The Carpenters' hits but, This Masquerade did not register with me until George Benson.

A fews days ago, I heard the Leon Russell song A Song for You as the background music on some tv show.

Actually, I think it was one of the characters in the first episode of Cupid who sang A Song for You in a bar