Let Me In trailer

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Let Me In trailer

Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, is behind the remake of the foreign movie Let The Right One In. The basic story is about a young boy who discovers that the new kid next door is a Vampire.

So far, the remake seems to have a lot of scenes in common with the original movie.

Let The Right One In

The director of the original movie did a very good job of presenting the "Let The Right One In" story in a way that was not too horrible. However, "the whole Let The Right One In tale" as written in the book is a horrible story to place children in. The "Let The Right One In" story would be a horrible story for teenagers, I am amazed that someone is allowed to present this story in America using Pre-Teens. I am also amazed that someone WOULD present this story in America using Pre-Teens.

Consider this one little scene from the original movie ...

A older man has an unconscious teenager hanging upside down in a back room of a gym and he intends to cut the teenager's throat so that he can drain the kid's blood into a bucket.

While we are all pretty much "used to" Vampire movies, the above scene is not exactly what we have come to associate with Vampires. And, when you add the fact that "the older man" in this scene is a convicted pedophile, you get an idea of what kind of story plays out in "Let The Right One In".

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