Love Me or Leave Me Alone

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Love Me or Leave Me Alone

BWO Big Science album cover
As you can tell from that song that recently won the Euro Music Contest, songs that are written in English for non-English speaking audiences by people who don't have English as their native language can sound pretty horrible to an English speaking audience.

The Swedish Group BWO, in my opinion, had done very well with their songs, when you consider that the group is Swedish and that their most popular audience seems to be Russian. BWO's songs actually make sense to someone with English as their native language AND the songs are danceable entertaining pop songs. The guy who writes most of BWO's songs, Alexander Bard, has created a number of bands that have recorded in English so, I guess the guy is experienced at writing songs in English that makes sense.

Angel of the Night - Love Me or Leave Me Alone

I just ran across the BWO song Angel of the Night which has the phrase Love Me Or Leave Me Alone in its lyrics. Frankly, I think the "latter phrase" has much more impact than "Angel of The Night". However, you have to assume that a non-English speaking audience would probably not be very impressed with the "double meaning" of a phrase like "Love Me or Leave Me Alone".

I like the song "Angel of the Night'. I like the guitar track on the song. I don't know what BWO album "Angel of the Night" is on, it does not appear on the list of songs for BWO's new Big Science album.

Sixteen Tons of Hardware

This is one of BWO's older songs featuring The Lovely Lovely Martin Rolsinski. Martin recently got married.