Madonna Grace Jones and The Race Card

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Madonna Grace Jones and The Race Card

The Phenomena that was Grace Jones may have had more to do with Jone’s White Husband than with the woman Grace Jones. However, there is no denying that Grace Jones was Revolutionary.

It is still my intent to do a book comparing everything Madonna has done to Grace Jones doing those things about 5 years before Madonna. For example, there was Grace Jones' nude layout with Dolf Lundgren and Madonna’s Sex Book.

I remember reading some of the criticisms of Graces Jones back in the day. For example, no one would take Grace Jones (a former model) seriously as a singer, Grace Jones couldn’t sing, etc. Well, compare Grace Jones’ singing to Madonna’s singing and, you tell me who can’t sing.

There are a lot of horrors in the world, one of those little horrors is that White Madonna became a rich and famous superstar aping Black Grace Jones.

Every time I look at a Grace Jones video, I get upset. Clearly, in a racist America, being better is not enough