Martin Henderson in Torque

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Martin Henderson in Torque

TNT ran the movie Torque again last night. Torque is a movie about bikers and beauches, two things that are of absolutely no interest whatsoever to me. However,

There are "little things" about Torque that got my attrention. The First thing that got my attention about Torque, a movie with a rather silly plot, was the way the movie looks and the way the movie is directed. Torque is a movie about rival Black and White Bikers with some kind of drug trafficing subplot but, Torque "looks good" and the movie is clearly directed by someone who knew what they were doing.

The Second Thing that got my attention about Torque was the cast. There is some Black Rapper Guy (Ice Cube) in the movie and the main character (Martin Henderson) is an attractive guy. However, the two actors that really got my attention was ONE actor (an Asian Guy) who was in the old WITCH BLADE tv series and ANOTHER Actor (a guy from France) who was in both Blade Movies.

I was walking up 8th Avenue in New York City a few years ago and there were these two old guys just ahead of me. As I continued walking and, as I heard what the two old guys were saying, I realized that one of the guys was actually a fairly famous actor who was in the movie Blade, a guy who appears mainly as a bad guy in action movies. I hesitate to name the guy because he does not look like any big muscle action movie villian in person.

Torque is a movie about stuff that I have zerio interest in and the movie STILL manages to be very good and very entertaining. There are some scenes in Torque that are a tad too "butch" to take seriously but, over all, I would recommend the movie. ALSO,

When I went over to wikipedia and took a look at Martin Henderson it says that Martin is going to play the Brad Pitt role in the tv series version of Mr & Mrs Smith.

Martin Henderson (born October 8, 1974) is a New Zealand actor ... Henderson was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He started acting when he was thirteen years old, appearing in "Strangers", a local television production. He attended Westlake Boys High School and Birkenhead Primary. He starred in the drama Shortland Street, where he played the character of "Stuart Neilson" from 1992 to 1995. He subsequently appeared in a number of Australian films and television productions, before moving to the United States in 1997, in order to pursue a career in Hollywood films and train in a two-year program at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City ... He is set to star, along side Jordana Brewster in the television series adapted from the 2005 movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.