Martin Rolinski BWO Give Me The Night

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Martin Rolinski BWO Give Me The Night

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The Lovely Lovely Martin Rolinski

As per usual, this video from BWO makes zero sense. However, it does meet the minimum requirement of a BWO video, i.e.,

1. some nice music
2. at least one butt shot from Martin, and if possible
3. Martin nearly nude

Alexander Bard started work on a new music project during 2003, working with the record producer Anders Hansson who became the band's co-producer. They auditioned over 35 different vocalists before meeting Martin Rolinski who was duly chosen as lead singer. Marina Schiptjenko, an art-dealer and a one-time member of Vacuum, Bard's previous music project, then came on board as the third member of what became Bodies Without Organs [1].

There was initially a suggestion that the band would be a four-piece including Jean-Pierre Barda from Army of Lovers, but this did not come to fruition, and Barda's explicit involvement extended only as far as co-writing BWO's first single "Living In A Fantasy" [1].

The name of the band derives from the philosophical term body without organs, developed by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari in their 1972 book Anti-Œdipus. Bard, an author and lecturer of philosophy, has referred to the ideas of Deleuze in his books Netocracy - The New Power Elite And Life After Capitalism and The Global Empire, both co-written with Jan Söderqvist. wikipedia

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