Matt Schulze all cleaned up

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Matt Schulze all cleaned up

Matt Schulze
I'm currently watching Matt Schulze all cleaned up and "White Bread Looking" in an episode of Charmed. I can not believe it. I didn't even recognized Matt until he killed a woman. I mean, Matt Schulze without THE EVIL is just not Matt Schulze.

Matt Schulze has been bad in every movie of his that I've seen. I first saw Matt in Blade then in Transporter I and again in Blade II. Later, I saw Matt Schulze evil in Torque, the sequel to The Fast and The Furious.

Schulze made his big screen debut in 1998's action thriller Blade where he started opposite Wesley Snipes and legendary Kris Kristofferson as vampire Crease. 1999 saw Schulze get a leading role in Woody Keith's thriller Dementia where he plays nasty piece of work Sonny, and his next film was the teen comedy Boys and Girls where he had a small role as Paul. 2001 saw Schulze playing lead role as an assassin John Hunter who joins an underground organization called The Guild in order to get revenge on those who killed his parents in Downward Angel. The same year also saw him get noticed in the blockbuster The Fast and The Furious where he played hot headed Vince who knows Paul Walker's true colours from the start. He bulked up, grew a beard and dyed his hair a different color for the film The Fast and the Furious. Schulze returned in Blade II playing another vampire Chupa, and in the same year Schulze was cast as another villain in The Transporter, playing local hoodlum Wall Street. Schulze gets to show of some of his fighting moves in this film and one good confrontation with Frank Martin (Jason Statham) towards the end. He lost 40 some pounds in order to effectively play the character in The Transporter, doing so by fasting for sixteen days. It was a two year gap before Schulze was in another film, play motorcycle man Henry in 2004's Torque.

Matt Schulze is pretty "BULKY" in Blade I and Blade II. Matt is slim and trim in Transporter but, I'm used to seeing Matt Schulze "muscled out" and evil.