Mo in Deep

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Mo in Deep

Mo in Deep
I had to laugh when I saw this picture of Cazzomodel Mo in the video Deep (CLICK HEREfor Deep at Bitchless TV)

First off, the only hint I had that this could be Mo was the tattoo on his chest. And, it just so happens that Mo got the tattoo on his chest AFTER appearing in a number of Cazzo Films. Mo does have the tatts in some of his work for Spritzz.

Second ... I don't know ... I just never pictured Mo in black thigh high boots with six inch heels.

If memory serves, Mo is in the following Cazzo Films: Pur, Sex Pigs, Smoking Pistons and Deep.

I also saw Mo in the trailer to Otto; or Up With Dead People by Bruce LaBruce.

CLICK HERE to order the Cazzo film Deep at

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