Moby One of these Mornings

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Moby One of these Mornings

IN MY OPINION, the price of seeing Miami Vice was justified by the fact that I got to hear Moby's "One of these Mornings" sung by Patti LaBelle.

Generally, I can't stand Patti LaBelle. Patti LaBelle can sing but most of the time she masturbates rather than sings. Moby deserves some praise for getting Patti LaBelle to get rid of all of that crap she does when she THINKS she is singing and to just fahking sing.

I love this version of this song so much, I don't even mind looking at that fahking idiot Steve Irwin in the video part of th clip.

BTW, do you know what Steve Irwin's last words were to that Stingray?
Yo Mama!

Well, that's what the guy said, I didn't make it up.

As I thought, Patti LaBelle sings THEY will look for me. On Moby's album that singer sings You will look for me. In my view, Patti LaBelle's version and lyrics makes the song sound like something from Porgy and Bess

And on the subject of Porgy and Bess ...

Am I the only human who almost puked at the sight of that Paltrow woman humming Summertime on a fahking yaht? I was going to go into a long reason why this is the ultimate perversion when I realized that most people who know Platrow probably never heard of Porgy and Bess.

But anywho, in the south, it was customary for Black Mothers and Grandmothers to hum Summer Time while cooking over a hot stove, Summer Time is not for humming by skinny White Beauches on Yachts.

Album version of One of these Mornings