Noble Magazine serves Black Latin Community in Atlanta

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Noble Magazine serves Black Latin Community in Atlanta

"I could not believe that there was no publication in Atlanta that served the African American and Latino GLBT communities (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender). The entire country is well aware of the large number of African American Gays and Lesbians in Atlanta. In many states, Atlanta is considered the 'Black Gay Mecca,'" said Eric Gilbert, founder and investor in RMI Publications Inc, a 10 year old publishing company established in Los Angeles, CA. RMI Publishing specializes in niche publications

It is no secret, to Blacks anyway, that Black people who identify as Gay have very little in common with the East Coast Faags who have hijacked Gay in order to sell shit advertising space to a handful of major corporations.

Say what you will about Black People, Black People, no matter how low we got, we were never as fahked-up as the East Coast Faags. Black Media, at least at one time, served Black People. Jet and Ebony weren't printing Black Magazines that didn't show anything Black so as not to offend White Advertisers.

It will be very interesting to see what is left when the dust finally settles with respect to Gay Media. As I understand things, Window-Media had a few magazines serving the Atlanta Area.

Noble is Gilbert's latest venture. The publication premiered three years ago originally but Gilbert admits he and his staff were not familiar enough with the market at the time. We had an immediate offer from a publication that served the white gay community to become an insert in their publication but we didn't think that was a good idea. Hindsight, it was a great idea but you live and learn and also realize that everything and I mean everything happens for reason!" Gilbert laughs.

Anywho, The New York Times has an article about how Atlanta is increasing the number of college educated people under 40. The NYT also has a picture of some Black People with the article.

I seem to recall reading something about the New York Times Company buying a Black Newspaper somewhere.

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