The NYPD In Plain Sight

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The NYPD In Plain Sight

When they came from me, there was no one left to complain

There is a famous / infamous line about a man who sat back while an oppressive regime carried away various minorities.

AT THIS POINT, if you are complaining about the NYPD arresting people for no reason and the NYPD targeting businesses, you must be A Tired Ass White Queen.

How many years now have people been sounding the alarm about the NYPD?

The current issue of The Village Voice has a story about Policemen secretly taping the "goings on" inside NYPD stations. It should come as no surprise to anyone to hear that Arrest Quotas are still alive and well with the NYPD. Did anybody with a fucking brain actually believe that the NYPD driving buses into Harlem on Friday and Saturday Nights was not part of an arrest quota business plan?

The infamous story about the NYPD Arrest Quotas was the trial of a man arrested for allegedly molesting a woman on the subway. When the case came to trial, "the Victim" said that the man never touched her and that the made up charges by the NYPD had ruined her life.

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

The NYPD, and other White Trash police forces like them around the county, are merely the foot soldiers for a court system filled with Judges who hate Black People. You cannot have an NYPD and you cannot have an all white fire Department in New York City without the courts being suspect

The Big Fear with outing the activities of an organized gang of connected assholes is that, since these assholes are organized and they are connected, by outing them, you run the risk of them OPENLY DOING what they were previously trying to hide.

THE FOLLOWING FACT is the single most frightening thing I have ever heard or read in American History. In the mid 1980's, after years of packing the federal court system with racist federal judges and the US Supreme Court with racist Justices, the United States Supreme Court tried to destroy a 100 year old Reconstruction Era Civil Rights Law. Just think about this for a minute,

An Organized Group of People SPENT DECADES getting the right people elected to public office so that they could then go about filling the Federal Courts and the US Supreme Court with racist Judges. If this doesn't scare you, I don't know what can.

The NYPD will continue because the courts are not going to stop them. There are two ways this can "play out",

Everyone Black in New York City can calmly line up to be slaughtered or, they can take another route.

Marion Paige