Outsourcing Word Processing and Other Bullshit

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Outsourcing Word Processing and Other Bullshit

We just heard that A Major Outsourcing Firm in New York City that takes over companies' word processing centers has finally dumped this temp agency it was using as its master vendor.

Tell me something ... what do you see that is a little bit OFF about this scenario ...

An outsourcing firm goes to a company claiming that it can save the company money by taking over the company's word processing center. And, once the outsourcing company takes over the word processing center, it mainly uses temps from the most expensive temp agency in the City?

For the longest time, it was just fucking amazing to me that this fucking idiot Outsourcer was continuing FOR YEARS to use the most expensive temp agency in Manhattan as its Master Vendor to get other temps.

Let me explain further ...

1. You have this Idiot Outsourcer that has the contract to manage the word processing center.

2. Now, instead of using its own employees or hiring temps directly, this Idiot Outsourcer hires a temp agency as Master Vendor so that it is the Master Vendor Temp Agency that hires OTHER TEMP AGENCIES to get temps for the Outsourcer.

3. Essentially, you have THREE BUSINESSES TAKING A BITE OUT OF A WORD PROCESSORs' PAY. It's fucking insane. It is literally insane when you consider that the Outsourcer, the first guy to take a bite, is claiming it can do the work cheaper than the company's own staff.

Outsourcing is a euphemism for Mass Firing

If a company just outright fires 20 butt ugly psycho Jamaican Beauches working in its word processing center, that company could face a class action discrimination lawsuit. However, if a company OUTSOURCES those 20 butt ugly psycho Jamaican Beauches, it dumps its problem on one idiot Outsourcer for at least five years.

This whole business of law firms and investment banks outsourcing their word processing centers is bullshit from the git go anyway.

First, law firms don't even pay for word processing, they bill the service to their clients. So, why would a law firm need to SAVE MONEY by outsourcing word processing? Word Processing is actually a PROFIT CENTER for law firms because the bills law firms send their clients for word processing is more than what the service costs.

Second, even with the down turn in the financial sector, Investment Bankers spend more money on Rent Boys in a week than word processing costs them in a year. I can't fucking imagine any investment bank in New York City being so down on its luck that it actually needs to SAVE MONEY by outsourcing word processing.

If a law firm is outsourcing its word processing center, more likely than not, it wants a legally safe way of doing a mass firing for one reason or another. Most likely either because ( a ) its staff is getting too old and creating too much medical cost; or ( b ) the aholes in the word processing center are stealing from the company.

If an investment bank is outsourcing its word processing center, more likely than not, the bank has a huge problem with making idiot word processors millionaires at the end of the year when bonuses are paid. Or, it could be that the idiots in the investment bank's word processing center are also stealing from the company.