Paul Newman The Road to Perdition

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Paul Newman The Road to Perdition

In the movie The Road to Perdition, when Tom Hanks' character finally tracks down Paul Newman's character and Hanks is about to gun down Newman, Paul Newman's character says: "I always hoped it would be you".

The above scene may not go down in history as the sickest shit ever filmed, but, it will probably be ON THE LIST of sickest shit ever filmed.

I am a big fan of propaganda and subversion in movies. My theory is that if you are going to spend millions of dollars creating something that is going to be seen by millions of people, you should at the very least have some propaganda to dispense.

I can appreciate a subversive movie like Hannibal because Ridley Scott turns religion on its ear in Hannibal. In Hannibal, a serial killer who eats his victims is presented to the movie going audience as doing God's work. At one point in Hannibal, Hannibal is brought out tied up with his arms stretched out like Christ on the Cross. The movie Hannibal is mind manipulation in one of its purest forms.

I can appreciate a movie like Mel Gibson's Apocalypto because the movie is 100% religious propaganda. And, the propaganda in Apocalypto is done so expertly, the majority of the people who went to see Apocalypto probably had no idea that they PAID MONEY to see Mel Gibson's claim that the Mayan Culture deserved to be destroyed by Spanish invaders because the Mayans weren't Christians. However,

The Road To Perdition is Pure Perversion with no redeeming value of any kind

If you really want to get a feel for how truly SICK "The Road To Perdition" is, imagaine replacing all of the killing scenes in The Road to Perdition with Gay Sex Scenes.

On top of the over all "scheme" of substituting killing scenes in place of man-on-man sex scenes, The Road to Perdition presents Jude Laws' character, the kinky guy who likes to take pictures while he does it.

Why Paul Newman and Tom Hanks both agreed to appear in something like The Road to Perdition is still a mystery to me.