The Real Chris Evans Please Stand Up Please Stand Up

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The Real Chris Evans Please Stand Up Please Stand Up

I guess Chris Evans liked being manhandled by Jason Statham in Cellular because he and Statham teamed up again for London.

Two Chris Evans movies appear to be on constant rotation on TNT lately, "Cellular" and "The Perfect Score". I just realized that Chris Evans is not a tall skinny guy, Chris Evans seems to have a body type more like Danny Roberts than Ben Affleck. And, those lips ...

Chris Evans has lips that makes Mccauley Culkin's lips look small.

Cellular simply does not work for me. There is something about a GUY playing the damsel-in-distress that is simply not attractive. Technically, I guess, Kim Basinger is the damsel-in-distress/hysterics in Cellular but, Chris Evans' character nearly matches Kim Basinger's overblown performance in the distressed department. There is a kinda kinky scene in Cellular where Jason Statham manhandles Chris Evans that makes Cellular worth watching. Actually, I love the way Chris Evans looks in Cellular, I've watched Cellular about three times now, each time with the sound turned off.

The Perfect Score is not a bad movie for a tv broadcast. Chris Evan is beautiful in the movie, he looks short compared to the other guys in the movie but, Chris is still Chris. The other thing about "The Perfect Score" that really stands out is the way Bryan Greenberg(the actor who stars in October Road) looks in the movie. It looks like Greenberg had an eye job done because his eyes in The Perfect Score look very different from the way they look now in October Road.