Relationship LLC (TM) cited in publications

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Relationship LLC (TM) cited in publications

We just "ran across" two publications that cite our Relationship LLC ™ alternative to marriage concept. The two publications are:

1. The Business of Intimacy by Martha M. Ertman University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law

2. The Laws of Love By Donna C. Kline, Donna C. Kline, Ph.D., J.D.

We've been cited by a lot of publications over the years, the above two are the most recent. It is important to note that A Major Delaware Newspaper did a report on the Relationship LLC years ago, so, The State of Delaware is more than aware that we exist.

The Relationship LLC concept is about using the limited liability company "business" structure to partner in "social relationships". The Limited Liability Company is essentially a "corporate partnership", the structure is like a partnership only, as with a corporation, the partners are not personally liable for the debt of the limited liability company. ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE of ANY SEX can form a Relationship LLC.

The Relationship LLC is legally recognized by ALL STATES, The Federal Government and INTERNATIONALLY. And,

Because sex is not part of the Relationship LLC contract, there will never be any reason for The Government to even thing about regulating the activities of members of a Relationship LLC.

So far, the groups that have "whole heartedly" embraced the Relationship LLC are:

1. Wealthy Gay Men with "sizable" assets who want to use the Relationship LLC as a sort of "roll your own" nofault marriage;

2. Lesbians with Children in states where they are unable to legally marry;

3. Polyamory people who want to form "partnerships" that include more people than "just one man and one woman";

4. Mormons who want to practice plural marriage LEGALLY. Essentially, the Mormon man may legally marry ONE WIFE and then form a Relationship LLC with the other "wives" and with his children.