Ryan Idol Jumps into The Ritz

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Ryan Idol Jumps into The Ritz

Ryan Idol and Christian Fox
Jumping from a Tree
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As I recall, the last time there was a big announcement about Ryan Idol appearing in a Play ("Making Porn", as I recall), Ryan Idol ended up jumping out of a window.

The full cast has been announced for the Roundabout Theatre Company's upcoming revival of Terrence McNally's The Ritz, directed by Joe Mantello. Joining previously announced stars Rosie Perez, Kevin Chamberlin and Brooks Ashmanskas are Caroline Aaron ... In addition to the above featured parts, the script requires several actors to play patrons of the bathhouse where the action of the comedy is set. Most notable among the new production's "patrons" is former gay porn star Ryan Idol (aka Marc Anthony Donais), who will make his Broadway debut in the show. A notable adult film performer in the 1990s (and one-time Playgirl magazine nude centerfold), Idol formerly appeared onstage as a replacement star of the off-Broadway comedy Making Porn. http://www.broadway.com/gen/Buzz_Story.aspx?ci=551353

I am not even going to try to recount all of the Drama around Ryan Idol, mostly because I didn't follow Ryan Idol's career all that closely. The gossip I do remember was that Ryan Idol had some kind of "trouble" with the infamous Gay Pornstar Manager David Forest that lead to some charges being filed against Forest. Then, there was the incident of Idol almost dying from a fall (jump?) out of a fourth floor window of his New York Apartment. BTW, David Forest has announced plans to write a book about his early days with David Geffen.

Back in the day, I recall some writer wondering how Ryan Idol survived a fall from a window that was HIGHER than the fall/jump that killed Christian Fox. Christian Fox was a regular at The Gaiety back in the day, Christian Fox also did at least two videos where he bottomed for Ken Ryker.

Christian Fox at The Gaiety
Before he started appearing in Gay Adult Videos, Christian Fox was a regular dancer at The Gaiety. The guy was short and small and he looked about 12 years old. THIS TIME PERIOD was the very begining of The Big Aids Wave, especially among gay adult video performers. When Christian Fox suddenly lost a great deal of weight from his already tiny frame, there was a lot of gossip about the reason for the weight loss. Well, Christian Fox then started appearing in a lot of Gay Adult Videos, Fox did at least two videos with Ken Ryker (actually, Ryker said somewhere that Christan Fox was one of his favorite co-stars).

Ken Ryker is a very big guy and Christian Fox looked like a 12 year old so, their scenes together are a tad weird, at least to me.

Even though Fox looked like a kid (and very gay), I recall hearing that Fox identified as "straight" and had some girlfriend somewhere. I never knew the "particulars" on why Fox committed suicide but, generally, the deaths of every gay adult video performer who died around the time Fox died were attributed, one way or another, to Aids.

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