Sex Out In Public

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Sex Out In Public

German Reality Report Guy
Uploaded by bitchlessness. - Watch more LGBT videos.
The above clip is from "an apparently very obscure" straight adult video from Germany I bought in a NYC porn store years and years ago (like maybe in the 90's). I say obscure because I have not been able to find this video on the web or other videos in the Series. The video is titled The Reality Report and it features this incredibly attractive Blond Guy ...

1. He meets a couple in a covered coach (similar to something drawn by a horse). He talks to the couple and then leaves and the couple has sex in the coach.

2. Blond guy then meets two women and they fool around in some kind of open carriage (in public while cars are driving by). The three of them then go to a house where the Blond guy has sex with both women. There is a scene of a man and a woman having sex but Blond Guy doesn't seem to meet them (possibly in the "narrative", Blond Guy provides the "lead in" to this scene, he's speaking German of course).

3. Blond Guy seems to pickup some woman (the woman in the clip above) and they have sex on top of "something" on the river across from a hotel, with planes flying above. People can see the two from the hotel because Blond Guy makes an attempt to put boxes between them and the hotel. I don't know if the "something" the two climb onto is a barge or a building but, I think I've seen the building / hotel that is across from them in other porn from Germany.

4. Eventually, Blond Guy goes "home" to a woman you have to assume is his wife or girlfriend. Blond Guy seems to protest that he has been having sex all day AT WORK but the woman still demands sex.

It seemed to me that most heterosexual porn from Germany during "this period" featured beautiful Young Guys and older rather unattractive women, the exact opposite of US straight porn.

I saw other videos in this "Reality Report Series" in video stores in Manhattan years and years ago that featured different young guys as "Reality Report Narrators", doing what Blond Guy did.

I just love the way Blond Guy looks and speaks (even though I don't understand anything he says). He's not huge or anything but I find him very attractive.

The New York Times Article on Public Sex in small English Town

The New York Times has an article about a whole lot of public sex going on in a town just outside of London. According to The Times, public sex is not illegal in England but it can result in a fine if someone is willing to pursue a complaint.

Puttenham, about an hour’s drive from London, has fewer than 2,500 residents and is famous for its ancient church; its friendly pub, the Good Intent; and its proud inclusion in both the Domesday Book — an 11th-century survey of English lands — and “Brave New World.â€

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