Stephen Dorff in Rescue Me (1993)

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Stephen Dorff in Rescue Me (1993)

I must have watched Rescue Me (1993) for a good half of an hour before I realized that The Kid I was watching was Stephen Dorff.

btw, I was watching "Rescue Me" on a Spanish Language Station with the sound turned off.

If "Rescue Me" was released in 1993, and Stephen Dorff was born in 1973, then, Stephen Dorff was probably between 18 and 20 years old when he made "Rescue Me".

Stephen Dorff looks about 15 years old in Rescue Me, at the most. "Rescue Me" looks like Porn. The way Stephen Dorff "interacts" with Michael Dudikoff, "Rescue Me" looks like Gay Porn.

when Stephen Dorff has a sex scene with an older woman in "Rescue Me", the woman takes off Stephen Dorff's shirt and, not only does Dorff look 15, he has light fuzzy blond armpit hair - it's Gay Porn.

I tell you what, Stephen Dorff must have had a very interesting childhood in Hollywood if (at the legally fuckable age of 18) he looked the way he looks in Rescue Me.

Seriously, you have to rent/buy Rescue Me and see how Stephen Dorff looks in this movie.

I'm sure I saw Stephen Dorff in movies or on tv when he was younger (circa "Rescue Me"). However, I never made the connection that that child star was the present Stephen Dorff until now.