William H. Rehnquist Ahole

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William H. Rehnquist Ahole

You know, it says something about this society when some "Student of Law" can go on national television and praise that dead fahker Rehnquist by saying the following:

"He turned the Court away from entertaining endless appeals from criminals. And, he re-established the rights of the States over the power of the federal government."

For those of you too young to know, States' Rights was the mantra of southern segregationist who opposed integration and equal rights for Blacks. And, it just so happens that the United States of America was created to protect the individual (including criminals) from the state.

The bottom line on Rehnquist is that he used his position on the Supreme Court to CHANGE law; there are actually fahkers openly saying that Rehnquist regretted never being able to reverse Roe v Wade. When you know that the purpose of the Court is to interpret the intent of Congress, Rehnquist using the Court to change law makes Rehnquist an idiot and an asshole, albeit now a dead idiot and a dead asshole.

Isn't it great that fahkers die? Can you imagine a world where stupid fahkers like Reagan and Rehnquist lived forever?

For almost 100 years, the Courts in the United States interpreted Title 42 Section 1981 as according Blacks the same right to contract as Whites, including in employment contracts. However, because it was possible for Blacks to obtain damages pursuant to Title 42 Section 1981 that were not available under the newer Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Republican Party decided to CHANGE ONE HUNDRED YEARS of law (so that if an employer did somehow manage to lose a racial discrimination lawsuit, that employer would not have to pay any compensatory or punitive damages). The Supreme Court under Rehnquist deliberately picked a racial discrimination appeal for the specific purpose of reversing 100 years of case law associated with Title 42 Section 1981.

William H. Rehnquist Asshole

The Conservative Agenda on the Supreme Court, which included idiot fahker Rehnquist, used Patterson v. McLean Credit Union to prevent Blacks suing for racial discrimination in employment from getting large money damages pursuant to Title 42 Section 1981. The Conservative Agenda ruled that while Congress intended that Tifle 42 Section 1981 give Blacks the same right to contract as Whites, once Blacks were allowed to contract, 1981 could NOT be used to combat discrimination during the contract. In effect, the Conservative Agenda changed 100 years of US law and ruled that Blacks could not used 1981 against employment discrimination in the workplace.

Once this idiot concept was presented by The Supreme Court, Congress passed law stating that the Court's interpretation of 1981 was NOT what Congress intended. However, every 1981 lawsuit dismissed by Federal Judges because of the Supreme Court's postion in Patterson was NOT affected by the law Congress passed reversing the Supreme Court's decision in Patterson.

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