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Gamins de Paris brace yourself

Gamins de Paris
The "kid" to the front of the cover art on the left is Lucien Lebrun. The guy to the back on the right is Adrian Vassiliu.

If you are just being introduced to Jean Daniel Cadinot films via the arrival of his films on Bitchless TV / Sureflix, brace yourself. There are some films and some models who are going to "widen your world". Gamins de Paris has to be one of those films that will redefine for you what a gay film can be. Gamins de Paris has not yet arrived to American shores.

Picture this scene:

A "kid" has walked into a bed room and there is a partially nude woman getting dressed and a very naked very well endowed guy sitting up on the bed.

The above scene is something that I always find amazing every time I see it. There is the beauty of a very hung Adrian Vassiliu sitting back on the bed looking at a very young looking Lucien Lebrun like he was the wolf and Lucien was the sheep. And then, after I had seen this movie a number of times without really understanding what exactly was going on (because the movie is in French with no subtitles), I learned that:

1. The woman getting dressed is Lucien's sister, she is a prostitute

2. Adrian Vassiliu, the naked guy sitting back on the bed, is Lucien's sister's pimp

3. Once the sister leaves, Adrian and Lucien have sex in the same bed that Adrian had just had sex with Lucien's sister.

Jean Daniel Cadinot's Chaleurs

In our post about the Jean Daniel Cadinot North African based movie Princes Prevers, we mentioned the movie Chaleurs which also has a North African setting. Well, Chaleurs is now available on Bitchless TV.

Chaleurs is an interesting Cadinot movie set in North Africa. The movie is about a young twinky European Tourist who is stranded in the desert in North Africa when his car breaks down. The Euro Twink is rescued by a North African guy and the Rescuer then has to fight off his cousins from having sex with the Twink while the Twink is recuperating. The rescuer then goes to France to visit with the Euro Twink's friends and discovers that the Euro Twink was gay all along.

The following is the official description of Chaleurs:

Jean Daniel Cadinot's Les Minutes Sauvages

Les Minutes Sauvages
Some years ago, a poster on a messageboard claimed that A BelAmi Video duplicated "shot for shot" the gang sex scene in Jean Daniel Cadinot's Les Minutes Sauvages. The major difference however is that the Bel Ami movie is lighthearted and fun while the scene in Les Minutes Sauvages esssentially amounts to A GANG RAPE.

If you like sorta kinda S&M with your gay videos then Les Minutes Sauvages is for you. Personally, I could never get into this particular Cadinot film, no matter how many times I saw it. The film is simply too realistic a presentation of a kid being sexually abused in an all boys reform school for it to be of any erotic value, at least for me anyway.

Actually, I don't think I've ever watched ALL of Sauvages. There is some "truth" to the claim that a scene in a Bel Ami video of a bunch of guys in bunk beds at a resort (sky lodge) is very similar to a scene in Sauvages. I don't think Bel Ami goes quite as far as duplicating the Cadinot scene "shot for shot" though.

The model Pierre Buisson is in Sauvages. Pierre is a rather "famous" Cadinot model in Europe. Pierre HAD a rather astounding look, even by today's standards, he is on the cover of Aime... Comme Minet (see below). According to reports out of Paris, Pierre is no longer with us. One blog has Cadinot saying that Pierre became too difficult to work with when Pierre became addicted to Heroin.

JD Cadinot's Princes Pervers

Princes Prevers
Let the mediterranean climate welcome you to a northern Africa untouched by tourists. An abundance of actors in real situations. A new generation of north Africans, full of sap and free of taboos, embrace, suck and lick their European counterparts to excess. Everywhere you look - the brothels, beach houses, kasbah, garages, public gardens - welcomes the explosive nature of youthful heat.

Be beguiled by the erotic wiles of princes whose seduction is the ancestral art of a thousand and one nights, their romanticism and tenderness punctuated by spectacular scenes of debauchery. The height of shared pleasure.

I suppose Sex Bazaar is Jean Daniel Cadinot's most famous / popular movie about Gay Europeans venturing into North Africa.

Chaleurs is an interesting Cadinot movie set in North Africa. The movie is about a young twinky European Tourist who is stranded in the desert in North Africa when his car breaks down. The Euro Twink is rescued by a North African guy and the Rescuer then has to fight off his cousins from having sex with the Twink while the Twink is recuperating. The rescuer then goes to France to visit with the Euro Twink's friends and discovers that the Euro Twink was gay all along.

JD Cadinot's Pressbook on Bitchless TV

The above clip is from Jean Daniel Cadinot's film Pressbook. Pressbook is now available on Bitchless TV.

The guy seated in the barber's chair in the clip (Quentin Dornoville) is a photographer for a fashion house or modeling agency and, he is getting his haircut by a friend (Antoine Mallet). The Photographer has a live-in boyfriend (Kurt Grünberg).

Pressbook is about a bunch of models and some kind of fashion house or modeling agency preparing for a fashion show. A fashion show with "fashion" that include what looks like a round "tea strainer" wire mesh thingy over one guy's genitals. In a word, the fashion presented is "Out There"

A very young Michael Lucas is in Pressbook. The original cover art for Pressbook was replaced with a new cover with Michael Lucas' picture, a picture of an older Michael Lucas than the Michael Lucas in the film. I'm certain that Michael did not use the name "Michael Lucas" in the video. And, Michael's only scene in the film is as one of the orgy members at the end of the film, when all of the male models have at each other. Michael Lucas is in another Jean Daniel Cadinot video in which he plays the customer of a door-to-door massage oil sales guy.

The Pecking Order

The beginning of Pressbook presents this little "pecking order sequence" in which The Guy Who Tops in a scene proceeds to bottom in the next scene, or a subsequent scene.

FuckingArt and Jean Daniel Cadinot

FuckingArt by Wurstfilm
Ever dreamt of working as security guard at a museum? Wurstfilm invite you to their private fuck gallery; where they boast a catalog of fucking masterpieces. Marcel, a security guard at an art gallery in Berlin, spends his day dreaming of the new exhibit; a live statue fisting himself. He watches as hot young visitors rim, fist, suck and fuck before his eyes, leaving him wanting their creative juices all over him like an artist dedicating his masterpiece.

CLICK HERE for Wurstfilm at tlavideo. CLICK HERE for Wurstfilm on Bitchless TV

Maybe I'm not getting out enough but, how many gay porn videos can there be in the world that take place in a Museum? Below is the description for Jean Daniel Cadinot's Musée Hom.

Musée Hom. First release: 1994 Running time: 95 minutes
Synopsis: Which are the real works of art in the Musee Hom? The male statues or the curious young visitors?

Accompanied by his mother, the young student seems above all to be interested in a statuesque young soldier on guard and their stocky guide who's offering him a very private tour.

Our student of fine art spots the fake but finds himself a bit troubled by the head guide.

Jean Daniel Cadinot arrives on Bitchless TV

Le Desir en Ballade
The films of Legendary Film Director Jean Daniel Cadinot are starting to appear on Bitchless TV now. A Cadinot film is being added daily until all of the Cadinot Library is up and available.

This is an event.

A lot of Americans have never seen a Cadinot film (which sorta kinda explains how some tired ass queens can still be claiming that fucking Joey Stefano was a Superstar who invented the Power Bottom. You would have to know even less about Gay Adult Videos than Chi Chi LaRue to have the fucking balls to claim that Joey Stefano invented the Power Bottom.)

So far, there are Two Cadinot Films up, Le Desire en Ballade and Cours prives . Le Desire en Ballade (aka The Traveling Journeyman) is an older Cadinot film that has been available at tlavideo for some time. Cours prives is a newer Cadinot that I have not seen. does JD Cadinot's Pressbook
As soon as I saw this new video on of a guy getting his hair cut at the barber, I immediately thought of Jean Daniel Cadinot's movie Pressbook

In Pressbook, this kid is a photographer for a Mens Fashion House that is preparing for a fashion show. The Kid goes to get his hair cut from a friend and, of course, sex ensues. Later, the Kid's boyfriend finds out that The Kid was having sex with the models at work and leaves him. So, The Kid does what anyone of us would do in a situation like this, he runs out and has sex; the best cure for all that ails ya. As I recall, a young unturned Michael Lucas is in Pressbook.

[attachment=1] [attachment=2]

Jean Daniel Cadinot's Pressbook

The above clip is from Jean Daniel Cadinot's Pressbook film. The person who uploaded this clip to youtube did a good job of editing out the x-rated stuff. Pressbook is essentially about a group of male models getting ready for a fashion show.

The Pecking Order

In Pressbook, more or less, each guy presented as A Top in a scene goes on to Bottom for another guy in the very next scene.

In the above clip, The Barber bottomed for one model and then the Barber eventually tops the Guy in his Chair.

The guy who topped the Barber bottomed for an Hispanic looking Guy.

As I recall, a very young Michael Lucas is in Pressbook. I just noticed that Michael Lucas is actually on the cover of the new dvd of Pressbook at Lucas is not on the cover of the vhs tape I have of the vid.

BTW, the guy in the barber chair getting his hair cut is upset because his boyfriend found nudie pictures of him having sex at work and moved out of their apartment. So, of course, the guy goes to the barber shop and has sex with the barber.

There are a few Jean Daniel Cadinot's moviesavailable at tlavideo.

update. Pressbook and several other JD Cadinot films are now available on Bitchless TV.

Jean Daniel Cadinot's Traveling Journey Man

I'm trying to upload a clip from The Traveling Journeyman to dailymotion. In the clip, the elder son of a wealthy doctor runs to the "servant's quarters" to kick-out this Black Traveling Journeyman because the Journeyman was caught having sex with the younger son of the doctor. The younger brother, who was being sexually abused by the older brother, runs away from home with the Journeyman. The movie is about the other guys The Journeyman and the Doctor's Younger Son meet as they travel the French countryside.

I can't quite follow the description of Traveling Journeyman at tlavideo. The movie starts with the two brothers going to play tennis and the younger brother taking a detour to have sex in the wine cellar with one of the help. The Older brother catches the younger brother having sex, breaks up the sex and he slaps the younger brother. I got the impression that the two brothers were already having sex with each other but, the description at tlavideo suggests that the older brother started sexually abusing the younger brother after the older brother found the younger one having sex in the wine cellar.

Traveling Journey Man (Le Desir en Ballade) was the first Jean Daniel Cadiniot movie I saw. I became interested in Cadinot movies FIRST because of the actor in Journeyman, Jean-Francois Chambron. I bought all of the Cadinot movies with Chambron in them and then I branched out to other Cadinot movies.

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